Brighteoncoins is designed for users to be able to purchase and donate coins to content creators as a reward for their videos. This allows content creators to earn extra income and get paid for their content. Also, users are able to donate coins to Brighteon, if they choose, to help financially support the network and help keep online speech FREE.

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VIEW your wallet. All registered users are able to view their Brighteoncoins wallet on the account dashboard. Real-time coin balance is shown as well as the amount donated and received in the last 30 days. History on all transactions is available including the list of your top donors and videos that received the most coins.

PURCHASE coins. This allows users to use a valid credit card to purchase coins. It offers purchase options with a minimum of 100 coins (US$10), 250 coins (US$25), 500 coins (US$50), or 1000 coins (US$100). An email confirmation is sent after each purchase and Brighteoncoins purchases are strictly non-refundable. However, any user account may redeem their coins (minimum 1000 coins) and receive payment in US dollars. See "redeem coins" for more details.

DONATING coins: When donating coins from a video page - Simply click on "$ Donate" found at the bottom of the video and beside the "Like" button, then select your desired number of coins. Once coins are sent, the transfer is final and cannot be reversed.

SEND coins to Brighteon. With your support, we can continue to make free to use, serving as an online destination for videos and documentaries that are banned elsewhere. Simply choose "Donate to Brighteon" when sending coins from your account dashboard and select the desired number of coins. No refund policy also applies to this option.

REDEEM coins. Any user with a minimum of 1000 coins, equivalent to US$100, can request a redemption via their PayPal account. For U.S. citizens and entities, a completed W9 form (IRS tax compliance) may be requested by the platform before the earnings can be fully redeemed. For non U.S. entities, a different form may be required in order for Brighteon to comply with IRS regulations.