Brighteon Change Log

New Features & Improvements - Oct 2022

  1. Upload & Download Audio File - Channel owners can now upload MP3 files to their channels and video files will have an audio-only option when published so viewers can either watch the video or listen to the audio only. Download as an MP3 file for all videos and audio will also be available.

    Videos published before this new update will also have an audio-only format and download MP3 feature soon.
  2. Channel Page Update - You can feature one video and multiple playlists on your channel page. Simply select them from the "My Uploads" and "Playlists" tabs from the account dashboard.
  3. Like and Bookmark Feature - You will be able to see all the videos you liked from other channels on the dashboard's "Favorite/Like" tab. You can also bookmark a video from the video player page and it will be saved on the "Bookmarks" tab for you to watch and enjoy at a later time.
  4. Playlists Enhancement - "Playlists" tab has also been updated so you can add videos from other channels/creators and even feature them on your main channel page.
  5. Search Results Improvements - Search results will now show channels and videos related to the keyword you entered and a more extensive option to filter and sort the results.
  6. Send Invite - You can invite your family, friends, and colleagues to join by sending them a custom invite link via your account dashboard.
  7. Time-stamped URL - Create a custom video link with a specific time stamp on the share icon feature. Simply pause the video at a specific time and click on share to copy the custom video link, you can also edit the time on the share page. The recipient of the video link is immediately taken to the part of the video that the timestamp is linked to.
  8. Sort By View - Sort your videos by views made within the time range selected.
  9. Resubmit Video For Review - You can request another review of your rejected video by uploading new or the same video content to the same link.
  10. Fixes and Updates - We are continuously updating the platform for performance improvement and introducing more features.

Tech Update - April 2019

This is a tech update on , the YouTube alternative video platform that dares to respect free speech. If you've been following Brighteon news, you may already know that the video platform was threatened with being de-platformed by upstream infrastructure providers in the aftermath of the New Zealand mass shooting (which was, of course, engineered to set off a global religious war against Christians as we've now seen with the Sri Lanka bombings, but that's another story altogether).

Because of the extreme censorship threats against Brighteon, we were forced to delete videos that showed footage from the Christchurch shootings. Otherwise, the entire video platform was going to be annihilated and we would have lost the ability to host any videos at all. Even now, some ISPs in Australia and New Zealand have completely banned all videos from Brighteon.

Even as that was happening, we were already well into the R&D effort to rebuild our platform to make it more resistant to censorship threats. I'm happy to report that we are now approaching the completion of that effort, and the rolling out of Brighteon 2.0 is scheduled to take place in early June.

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